The Path Forward

Blogger and author Rick Turnquist joins Kim in studio to discuss where we go from here. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Path Forward
  • Blogger and author Rick Turnquist joins Kim in studio to discuss where we go from here.  Too many people look to the government to solve all their problems instead of taking responsibility to pursue their own Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Our Founding Fathers saw government as “evil” and not as our “teddy bear.”  Weaponizing the government against its’ people must be stopped.  There are Progressive “R’s.”  Trump’s accomplishments are now being eliminated by the stroke of Biden’s pen.  Election integrity must be restored.  “Never Trumpsters” worked against Trump to get Biden/Harris elected even as they claim to be freedom-loving people.  Jason Crow sends letters to police chiefs and sheriffs in CD-6 asking where their officers were on January 6th. sends you to
  • Jason McBride, Sr. VP with Presidential Wealth Management, cites the importance of having a plan that is tailored to your individual financial requirements.  Jason can help develop a plan that will give you financial security that builds and preserves wealth.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 or visit
  • Kim and Rick continue their conversation referencing the stellar work performed by Rep. Lauren Boebert amidst the vile hatred aimed at her. Boebert has introduced two bills that include holding WHO and China accountable for their COVID-19 actions and Congressional approval before re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement.  They then move to Rick’s recent op-ed, The Path Forward (  Complete control is seen at the state Capitol and the national Capitol.  When Biden speaks of “unity” he means blind adherence to the radical left’s ideology.  Election reform is needed.  Rick suggesst to declare election day a national holiday and have in person voting; absentee voting would be available (not mail-in voting).  Republicans must get back to their foundation of limited government; the only responsibility of government is to protect our life, liberty and property.  Have hope, be strong and adhere to our Founding Principles!

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