Colorado’s Equal Pay Act Hurts Colorado’s Remote Workers

Roger Hays, Founder and CEO of Premier Employer Services (, discusses with Kim Colorado Family Medical Leave Insurance Program, FAMLI, and Equal Pay laws.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Colorado's Equal Pay Act Hurts Colorado's Remote Workers

This Sunday on America’s Veterans Stories, Kim will interview Retired Army Major General Joe Arbuckle at 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Governor Ron DeSantis will not be intimidated by Biden. DeSantis tells Biden to do your job and leave me alone. Kim and Producer Steve question the legality of CDC Director Walensky extending a moratorium on rent payments. With new COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus regulations has Colorado Senate Bill 21-142 signed into law this past May been ignored? It states, “Every person has a right to privacy with respect to personal health decisions, free from coercion or interference from the government.”

Dr. Jill Vecchio, one of the very few who completely read the Affordable Care Act, states that the Surgeon General is expecting the experimental drug vaccination to be approved this school year for children ages 5-11. The COVID-19 agenda has been well executed by the current administration. Dr. Robert Malone argues that there is no data based on science to support what is happening with force and coercion regarding the vaccinations. This is trauma-based mind control as people live in fear. Corporate medicine has power over physicians as physicians have lost their ability and freedom to treat patients as they see best.

Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, notes that housing inventory has risen slightly and homes are staying on the market longer. It is wrong if an employer does not give employment verification because the employee has not taken the vaccination jab. Employers are to confirm employment status, not medical status. Karen is a professional who will work hard in negotiations in buying or selling your home. Give Karen a call at 303-877-751

Guest and sponsor of The Kim Monson Show Roger Hays, Founder and CEO of Premier Employer Services (, discusses with Kim Colorado Family Medical Leave Insurance Program, FAMLI, and Equal Pay laws. They are the two biggest ticket items in terms of regulations and compliance costs for employers right now. The Equal Pay Act passed by the legislature in 2019 is now in effect. The result is costing Colorado residents jobs as postings for remote work specifically states that Colorado residents need not apply. National businesses have to comply in all states if they have just one employee from Colorado. FAMLI was on the ballot and voted on by the voters in 2020. Benefits will begin in 2024 and clarity on other aspects will come by January, 2022. It is difficult finding employees, especially as the additional funds for unemployment continues. The benefit is to expire on September 1, 2021. Will they extend it again although job postings are numerous? The left is taking advantage of people being inherently lazy. Call to Action: Get out. Get involved. Find good people to run for office, help them get elected, and hold them accountable at all times.

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