How to Join Legacy Project

Danielle Jurinsky, candidate for Aurora City Council at Large, joins Kim in studio. Legacy Project founder Stan Everitt explains the mission of the Legacy Project and shares information on how to join.
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How to Join Legacy Project

Kim and Producer Steve comment that it is never good to take away someone’s rights or livelihood. If something is a good idea, you should not have to force or coerce someone to adopt it. Danielle Jurinsky, in studio with Kim and candidate for Aurora City Council at Large, chimes in with agreement. Common Sense Institute (CSI) reports that the Homeless Industrial Complex in the Denver metro region is spending $481.2 million annually on homeless assistance; keep in mind this number does not include all spending by government and organizations, and healthcare assistance. This is roughly $78,000/homeless person. The homeless problem will never be solved with this amount of money available to groups. Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, teaches second graders an anti-police narrative

Danielle Jurinsky is an entrepreneur. She is in the real estate business and owns four restaurants. Danielle said it was harder to comply with the city of Aurora’s COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus regulations than the regulations from Tri-County Health. Danielle explains the importance of Aurora as a military city. Aurora houses Buckley Air Force base and the ICE facility. Her top three points to address are: support the police, support small business and improve transportation. Danielle pledges to bring her real-world life experiences to the city council in order to represent all of Aurora. To learn more, visit

Guest Stan Everitt created the Legacy Project because he had to stop talking and do something. Stan’s group primarily consisted of men but once the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus hit, couples began meeting at he and his wife’s home. The purpose of the group is to use history to help people build their own personal legacy within a theological framework. “When in the course of human events,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is a description of the belief that there is a Providential Plan for mankind. We are under the rules of our Creator, not any one man. Liberty is given to us in freewill directed in the state of virtue. The transformation of America, as we see today, has been evolving for years. We must understand what we are losing so that we can evaluate what we need to reclaim. Trump exposed the deep state. The left is trying to abolish our present form of government and replace it with selected rulers who will write edicts for their subjects. We can stop this. Stand up, be heard, go to meetings, talk to your representatives and neighbors, and help preserve our America. Stan can be reached at

Legacy Project Participant Introduction

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