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Mobile electronic limitations; SOTU “Freedom unites the soul” and “Best is yet to come;” retirement planning can save you years of regret and; investigative journalism brings forth the radical agenda to ban all forms of natural gas and gas powered vehicles within the City and County of Denver.


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  • SB20-065, Limit Mobile Electronic Device While Driving
  • Pelosi’s outrageous State of the Union actions
  • M<ichael Sandoval discusses his investigative series on Denver’s Office of Sustainability

Investigative Journalist Michael Sandoval Puts Denver’s Office of Sustainability Under the Magnifying Glass

Michael Sandoval

Micheal Sandoval Kim Monson Show

Michael Sandoval

SB20-065, Limit Mobile Electronic Device While Driving, sets fines and points for drivers not using a hands-free device. Kim and Producer Steve are not necessarily in the same lane on this bill. Steve believes that we all pay the price since auto insurance costs go up as accidents increase due to mobile phone usage while driving and this may be a way to “protect” people. Kim asks, is this role of government?

Jason McBride says he was stunned and comments on Pelosi’s two-year old tantrum when she ripped up the SOTU speech which recognized and honored outstanding people throughout our country. Jason explains more about Presidential’s workshops to address tax savings in retirement.

Michael Sandoval joins Kim to discuss his investigative series on what has transpired in Denver in regards to the opening of the Office of Sustainability. It actually began with a proposed ban on all-natural gas installations, a phase-out of natural gas heat, and a phase-out of all gasoline-powered vehicles by the radical group Resilient Denver. Learn of the rushed process, influence of environmental activists and climate change goals. Beware, Resilient Denver has an approved 2020 ballot initiative for an excise tax on electricity and natural gas for all residences, and commercial and industrial complexes within the City and County of Denver.

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