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Today marks the first episode of The Kim Monson Show and the very first guest is...drumroll please...Roger Bianco! Roger and Kim have a conversation on James Madison's insights on property rights.


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In today’s episode:

  • Featured guest Roger Bianco on property rights
  • Kim’s announcement of The Kim Monson Show and America’s Veteran’s Stories
  • RTD’s issues with paying for operational costs

James Madison’s Timeless Wisdom on the Matter of Property Rights

Roger Bianco

roger bianco americhicks

Roger Bianco

It’s not fair! Favoring one child over another hurts both kids. Government favoring one individual or business over another eventually hurts both. It stifles creativity, innovation and the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Roger Bianco, the founder of the Leadership Program of the Rockies Mentor Program, joins Kim in the studio as today’s special guest AND as the very first guest of the Kim Monson Show. Kim and Roger have a conversation about the wisdom of American Founder, James Madison, regarding property rights.

Roger is also one of Kim’s curated authors. You can read Roger’s companion piece, Arbitrary Government is Bad Government—Here’s to You, Mr. Madison, right here on the Kim Monson Show website.

Listen to the featured segment

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America's Veteran's Stories

RTD can't pay its own way

Denver plans to pave way for less cars, more buses

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Kim Announces Two New Radio Programs

Today marks the transition from the Americhicks with Kim Monson to The Kim Monson Show. The name has changed, but the focus on freedom over force and the open invitation to have a conversation with folks on all sides of the political issues remains the same. In that vein, listeners and readers will find that Kim’s new website places an extra emphasis on conversation through the new forums. The forums are open to all who wish to give an opinion on an episode or topic, a point of view on local issues affecting Colorado, the bigger issues that face the nation, or even those just looking to stop in, say hi, and maybe share a joke or recipe. The forums and the website will continue to get new features over the next few weeks. Go here to register. All article comments are cross-posted to the forums.

Today is also the official announcement of America’s Veteran’s Stories. Shows will continue to be broadcast every Sunday, MST on EZ 1430 AM. The radio interviews, multimedia collections, and video interviews will be available at the show’s website, The new format goes beyond the engagements and stories of World War II and will capture the personal accounts of servicemen and servicewomen who have served from Iwo Jima to Iraq and beyond.

RTD revenue doesn’t pay operating expenses, Longmont proposes utility hikes, and Denver wants to improve add to downtown traffic congestion with bus-only lanes

News highlights from today’s show:

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Today's full show

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