Leave No Americans Behind

Brigette Gabriel, National Security Advisor, New York Times best-selling author, including "Rise," and founder of ACT for America joins Kim to discuss the dereliction of duty exhibited in Afghanistan by Biden, Austin and Milley.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Leave No Americans Behind

Check out kimmonson.con as a new Op-Ed by Jay Davidson, The Issue is Private Sector Freedom (https://kimmonson.com/featured_articles/the-issue-is-private-sector-freedom/), discusses monetary and fiscal policy.  Jay is the founder and CEO of First American State Bank, and a sponsor of the show.  Additionally, a new podcast with Holly from the United States Election Integrity Project analyzes election integrity, https://kimmonson.com/sounding_off/episode-70-holly-with-the-u-s-election-integrity-plan/.  U.S. Constitution Week in Grand Lake is back for the week of September 13th-19th.  Visit https://www.grandlakeusconstitutionweek.com/ for more information.  C.S. Lewis in 1948 asked:  How do you Live?  Every generation has had something to fear and we are not to act like frightened sheep, including now as the government and other interested parties continue the drumbeat of fear.  Mises.org has a terrific article, Vaccination Mandates and the Great Reset, on the importance of vaccinations to the state, media, Big Pharma and elite international interests.  Judicial Watch in 2020 filed a lawsuit against Colorado Secretary of State Griswold for failing to clean voter rolls and has been granted the right to proceed.  Why does Griswold work against the legitimate voter by diluting or nullifying his/her vote?

Brigette Gabriel, National Security Advisor, New York Times best selling author, including Rise, and founder of ACT for America (https://www.actforamerica.org/aboutact) joins Kim to discuss the dereliction of duty exhibited in Afghanistan by Biden, Austin and Milley.  The Biden administration is listening to no one about Islamic terrorism.  It is unconscionable that we would leave Americans (in the thousands) and Afghans who helped Americans behind, to be in the hands of the Taliban.  Biden is gullible if he thinks the Taliban is trustworthy.  Biden underestimates the Taliban.  We will never know the true number of people who have been slaughtered unless the Taliban brags about it.  Army Major General Arbuckle is correct in calling for the resignation of top commanders.  How can we protect Americans and military personnel after a complete withdrawal?  Obviously not by the inept policies of the U.S. government.  Private entities are risking lives to enter Afghanistan to get more people out before the Taliban gets them.  We must be engaged and hold our supposed leaders accountable.  Write your legislators.  ACT for America has a quick link to do so at https://www.actforamerica.org/takeaction.  America is a “spirit” and must keep it alive.

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