Natalie Menten on Colorado Ballot Initiatives

Natalie Menten on Colorado Ballot Initiatives. Former border agent Todd Watkins on America’s southern border crisis. Candidate interview with Lindsay Moore (El Paso County Commissioner).

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Natalie Menten on Colorado Ballot Initiatives

Government transparency advocate Natalie Menten joins Kim to discuss Colorado ballot initiatives. Primary ballots are in the process of being mailed out. Many listeners have already received ballots. Another ballot is scheduled for November. Menten explains how placing a statewide initiative works in Colorado. Listen to the full interview in the second hour.

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Former Border Agent Todd Watkins on America’s Southern Border Crisis

Former U.S. Border Agent retired in 2021, and candidate for El Paso County Sheriff Todd Watkins, shares his perspective on this government-approved invasion of America. Watkins explains how Trump’s immigration policies were designed to curtail illegal immigration and the inevitable criminal aspects, such as violent crime and human trafficking, that are inextricably intertwined with unlawful border crossings. President Biden’s immigration policies have resulted in thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants being released and massive immigrant caravans.

Listen to the full interview in the first hour. To learn more about Watkins’s campaign for El Paso County sheriff, go here. Watkins invites people that wish to speak with him to call 719-728-8724. Go here to support his campaign.

Candidate Interview: Lindsay Moore (El Paso County Commissioner)

Lindsey Moore explains why she is running for El Paso County Commissioner. Listen to her interview with Kim in the first hour. Go here to learn more about her campaign. Go here to support her campaign.

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  1. I was listening to your show this morning 6-14-2022. You mentioned you would post who you endorsed for Colorado election. I can’t find the info. Can you help me find the info and or email me your list?


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