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Don’t need force to implement “good” policy, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office release inmates, “finding criminals who have the money,” impeachment, planned parenthood’s political campaign, annuities, and “fees” on plastic bags is about the economy, not the climate.


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  • Plastic Bag ban
  • Jefferson County inmate release
  • Planned Parenthood’s political campaign
  • Impeachment

Plastic Bag Bans are About Generating Revenue, Not Saving the Environment

Cody Hubley

Cody Hubley Kim Monson Show

Cody Hubley

Guest Cody Hubley converses with Kim and producer Steve on an array of topics, all “centered” on the role of government, which does not include controlling people’s lives. Jefferson County Sheriff’s office releases inmates due to cost although the estimated revenue for the county is approximately $560 million for this fiscal year. Kim transitions to out of control fines to business owners acknowledging that the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of one such owner citing regulatory sanctions that say the business is too poor to pay the penalty (in this case the fine was $425,000).

Why is there a push on bag “fees?” Cody Hubley researched plastic bag bans and fees to uncover that it is truly about collecting revenue for cities, counties and states. Even proponents of the Green New Deal acknowledge that it is about the economy and changing the mindset, not the climate. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has a trace of plastic and consumer waste (0.5%) in comparison to fishing nets and other fishing equipment. According to a University of Arizona study, fifty-percent of reusable plastic bags contain E. coli, the same bags we take back into stores. Read Cody’s op-ed on Denver’s plastic bag ban. 

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  • Producer Steve comments that the House has sent its “package” to the Senate. Let’s unpack it as is. Or do the Dems want to keep some presidential candidates, specifically Sanders, off the campaign trail?

  • Planned Parenthood has established a $45 million fund, “We Decide 2020,” to support candidates at the presidential, congressional and state-level. Did you know that the number one killer of females in the United States is abortion?

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