How Democrats Policies on Energy Have Hurt Americans

Rick Turnquist explains how Democrat energy policies have harmed America. Bill of the Day covers a number of bills that target behavioral health. Sherronna Bishop, America's Mom, and campaign adviser for Tina Peters, talks about Secretary of State Jena Griswold's weaponization of the office and Peters' campaign to unseat Griswold.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
How Democrats Policies on Energy Have Hurt Americans

Rick Turnquist, author, and frequent contributor to the Kim Monson Show joins Kim to discuss his latest op-ed, Exactly Wrong—Democrats and Energy. Turnquist traces the hijacking of the Democrat party by radical progressives, the shift in narrative from “global cooling” to “global warming” to “climate change,” and explains why the party-line messaging on renewable energy is misguided and not in the best interest of the United States.

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Bill of the Day:

  • SB22-147, Behavioral Health-care Services For Children
  • SB22-148, Colorado Land-based Tribe Behavioral Health Services Grant Program

  • HB22-1243, School Security and School Behavioral Health Services Funding

  • HB22-1281, Behavioral Health-care Continuum Gap Grant Program

  • HB22-1283, Youth And Family Behavioral Health Care

All bills fall under the umbrella of behavioral health.

Sherronna Bishop Update on Tina Peters and Her Campaign for Secretary of State

Sherronna Bishop, America’s Mom, and campaign adviser for Tina Peters, shares updates on Peters and her campaign for Secretary of State. Bishop discusses the weaponization of the Secretary of State’s office under Griswold’s direction and its impact on Peters. She also explains that Peters is fighting for election integrity and her beliefs. Peters is taking the fight to where everything is happening.

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