The Essential Founding Fathers: No Taxation Without Representation

Ben Martin presents the latest installment of his history series, The Founding Fathers. In today's episode, Ben continues to examine the Founding Fathers in the pre-Revolutionary period and how the issue of taxation without representation forced them to take a stand. Dr. Jill Vecchio discusses a recent report which documents the history of U.S. elites’ involvement in the military biological activity in Ukraine.

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Thank you to the Harris Family for their partnership/sponsorship of our 2022 monthly series on the America’s Founders with patriotic historian Ben Martin.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Essential Founding Fathers: No Taxation Without Representation

Thank you to the Harris Family for sponsoring this show. Thank you to Ben Martin for making this vital show possible. 

Historian Ben Martin presents the latest episode The Essential Founding Fathers. In this episode, Martin continues his discussion on the pre-revolutionary Founding Fathers and moves on to the situation colonists faced under the yoke of British rule. The breaking point was the issue of taxation of representation.



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Dr. Jill Vecchio on the History of the US Political Elites in Ukraine

Dr. Jill Vecchio speaks at length regarding the history of US political elites and military biological experimentation in Ukraine, going back to 1991. Listeners can go here for more information. 

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