Who is to Blame for the Housing Shortage?

Leigh Brown, North Carolina realtor and National Association of Realtors-Vice President of Advocacy, joins Kim and Karen in their conversation on the state of housing.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Who is to Blame for the Housing Shortage?

Kim is joined in studio by Karen Levine, a well-respected realtor with RE/MAX Alliance and National Association of Realtors Board of Director. They discuss “Velocity of Housing.” Policy is power; power and control leads to socialism and is the roadway to communism. The use of force is easily seen through policy, excessive taxation, fear, coercion and government-induced inflation.

Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, honors veterans. Hal played Taps for 175 families over Memorial Day weekend at Fort Logan, rain or shine. Castlegate (castlegate.com) extends to all veterans and first responders a 10% discount everyday. Hal also reviews the overwhelming amount of government imposing itself on individuals as Colorado introduced over 600 bills during the 2021 legislative session to regulate every aspect of our lives. This includes increasing taxes; referred to as fees, gun control and health insurance.

Karen cautions potential homebuyers and sellers as some people are being taken advantage of in home transactions. It is important to have a trusted, professional and ethical representative. Karen is experienced and will protect your interests; give her a call at 303-877-7516. The city of Denver will have a ballot initiative to repeal the group living ordinance. Stay active in local meetings as restrictions/regulations/rules have consequences. Know who you are voting for.

Guest Leigh Brown, North Carolina realtor and National Association of Realtors-Vice President of Advocacy, joins Kim and Karen in their conversation on the state of housing. Part of the housing shortage is attributable to investment firms, Black Rock as an example, buying homes and sometimes complete neighborhoods to use as rental homes. Individuals do not have access to the capital these firms have. Leigh notes that her clients in North Carolina are leaving the suburbs for rural areas. They do not want to live in a 15-minute neighborhood that the planners are touting. The construction defect law in Colorado passed 12 years ago is one reason for the Colorado housing shortage but Karen and Leigh state that there is a housing shortage across the nation. Additionally, financing is not as readily available for condos/townhomes, making it difficult for first time buyers. This is coupled with high monthly HOA fees. Public policy clearly chooses winners and losers. Government is not the answer and we must speak up against rules and regulations that are attributable to 45% of the cost of a new home and hold PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) accountable. The 1031 Exchange is under attack by the Harris/Biden/Obama/Rice administration which will harm “mom and pop” rental units. The federal government is implementing strategies to take over local zoning, a BIG problem. Get involved. Show up at local planning meetings and vote as elections have consequences.

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