Your Hand Always Fits a Broom

Brad introduces his op-ed, Your Hands Always Fit a Broom.  We can always do something of value, regardless of what it is.  There should not be any work that is beneath us.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Your Hand Always Fits a Broom

Happy Chinese New Year!  The Year of the Tiger.  Brad Beck is in the studio with Kim.  Kim directs listeners to The Kim Monson Show website to read both Brad’s new op-ed, Your Hands Always Fit a Broom, and Rick Turnquist’s, One Year Later – America in Decline.  Live dangerously by taking control of your own life and not letting the government control it with its policies.  Interesting how liberals are trying to sideline Martin Luther King, Jr. with their Critical Race Theory, CRT, agenda, even saying he “sold out.”  Kim discusses the Bill of the Day:  SB22-038 Healthcare Affordability And Sustainability Fee.  Per the summary:  “Concerning allowing hospitals to include the healthcare affordability and sustainability fee in hospital billing statements.”  The Healthcare Affordability and Sustainability fee has a long and questionable past.  ABC released the result of a poll noting that 76% of people favor the next Supreme Court Justice to be appointed because s/he is the best qualified person and not based on gender and race.  Truckers arrive in Ottawa and PM Justin Trudeau goes into hiding.  The conflict between radicals and Spotify over Joe Rogan continues.  Aren’t Neil Young and Joni Mitchell the same people in the 60’s who said they wanted freedom?  Cain, a self-described “Proud American Negro” and founder of Task Force Freedom (, assists parents in the fight against the CRT movement.  The left now sees everything through the prism of race.  We must stop this madness.  If we do not, America will fall, and as the “lion” of the world, the destruction will be worldwide.  All comments regarding the new Colorado social studies curriculum must be submitted by February 1st.  To read the details and voice your concern visit the website.

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Brad introduces his op-ed, Your Hands Always Fit a Broom.  We can always do something of value, regardless of what it is.  There should not be any work that is beneath us.  People are not working today because they are getting paid by the government to stay home or they are looking for the perfect job.  Brad explains that we get paid to think which brings value to our employers and customers.  Government give-aways are encouraging laziness and negating the dignity and pride of work.  Our skill sets, learned in the “trenches,” are transferable and not just applicable to one type of job.  Many young people are questioning the value of incurring college debt.  Vocational training is becoming vogue again.  “Robber Barons,” like Rockefeller, must be viewed in context.  Because of the value these men brought to society, it’s important to understand the human flourishing that resulted during the time frame versus today’s social justice lens.  Brad concludes with, “It’s time for all Americans to pick up a broom and sweep.”

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