The stand-off between Russia and the Saudi’s plus the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus reduction in demand for oil and gas has caused the price of oil to tumble.  We like the price at the gas pump but what does this mean for America’s independent oil and natural gas producers? John Harpole, President of Mercator Energy, a natural gas broker that works with natural gas producers and end users, talks about Putin vs the Permian.  We’ll also talk about Hanlon’s Razor, an aphorism that states, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Jen Hulan is the owner of Waters Edge Winery and Bistro. Like many small business owners, Jen and her family and employees are being harmed by Colorado’s extreme COVID-19 restrictions. Jen tried to open her doors on May 1st, 6 weeks after closing them in March. The State of Colorado and Tri County Health shut her back down. Help Jen, because right now the government won’t let her help herself. 

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