If You Are Getting a Lot of Flak, You Must Be Over the Target

In her essay, If You Are Getting a Lot of Flak, You Must Be Over the Target, radio show host Kim Monson sheds light on the courage of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder and candidate for Colorado Secretary of State Tina Peters, SB22-153 which centralizes power over our elections in the Secretary of State’s office and the troubling relationship of Republican Secretary of State candidate Pam Anderson’s board position on the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), the organization which received $350,000,000.00 from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife to influence the 2020 election.


Who knew that an American Patriot would show up with blonde hair and high heels? Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder and candidate for Colorado Secretary of State, has come under fire for doing the job that she was elected to do which is to represent the citizens of Mesa County, Colorado. At great personal cost and relentless attacks Tina Peters is standing up for all Coloradans because it is the right thing to do.

Coloradans and all Americans believe that our elections should be free, fair and honest. Whether a Blue-Dog Democrat, Libertarian, Unaffiliated, Republican or Conservative, people understand that this is not a left or right, democrat vs republican nor a liberal vs conservative issue. It is a right or wrong issue.

After the 2020 election, constituents reached out to Clerk Peters regarding their concerns about potential election irregularities. At the time, Clerk Peters had confidence that Colorado indeed was the “Gold Standard” in conducting elections. However, when the results of the April 2021 municipal elections did not match up with the issues of concern of her constituents, Clerk Peters realized that she needed to dig deeper.

In the spring and summer of 2021, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s staff and Dominion Voting Systems employees performed a “trusted build” on the Dominion Voting machines used in 60 of Colorado’s 64 counties. Common sense would require that county clerks back up their systems before the “trusted build” to insure no loss of election records. Federal law requires county clerks preserve election records for 22 months and Colorado law requires election records preservation for 25 months. Secretary of State Griswold and Dominion Voting System’s “trusted build” occurred just six months after the 2020 election. County Clerks that did not do a forensic back-up may very well be in violation of both Colorado and Federal law.

Before the “trusted build” was performed on the Mesa County Dominion voting machines, Clerk Peters arranged for forensic images of the log files. Per Sumo Logic, a log file is a computer-generated data file that contains information about usage patterns, activities and operations within an operating system, application, server or another device. In layman terms, a log file shows who and what “logged” in and out of the system.

After the “trusted build” Clerk Peters arranged for another forensic image of the log files. Three extensive Mesa County Voting Systems reports have been released and additional reports will be released in the future. I recommend that you read the Executive Summaries of each report. Report #1 notes that a forensic examination found that almost 29,000 files had been deleted or overwritten. While some replacement program files and their related content is normally expected during a software update, the report explains that 695 log and event files necessary for the determination of election integrity were deleted.

Key findings in the Mesa County Voting Systems Report #2 note that the voting machine components were manufactured in China and Mexico, and configured with 36 wireless devices. This represents an extreme and unnecessary vulnerability.

Mesa County Voting Systems Report #3 explains that there was an unauthorized creation of election data bases followed by the digital reloading of ballot records into new election databases making the original voter intent recorded from the ballots unknown.

These reports raise significant questions about the results of our Colorado elections.


I had the great honor in 2016 to travel with a group that accompanied four WWII D-Day Veterans to Normandy, France, for the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day landings. These men were just kids on June 6, 1944, however, they were willing, at great personal cost, to face the attacks of Hitler’s Nazis. Early in the war our fighters did not have the fuel range to accompany our bombers all the way to their targets. The Germans used anti-aircraft guns to shoot debris (aka flak) into the air to damage and shoot down our bombers. The closer our bombers got to the target the more flak they received. As a result of these dangerous missions, we lost 80,000 airmen in WWII.

Clerk Tina Peters must be right over the target because she is getting all kinds of flak. Common sense would indicate that if the findings of the Mesa Counting Voting Systems reports were not factual, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold would provide proof to counter these findings. Instead, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and the Democrat Senate plus Republican Senator Kevin Priola have introduced unconstitutional legislation, SB22-153, to prevent any county clerk and “We the People” from insuring that future Colorado elections are free, fair and honest.

Key tenets of SB22-153 are:

  • Section 1 names SB22-153 the “Colorado Election Security Act.”
  • Section 2 contains the legislative declarations. This is the fluff that politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties state are the reasons for the legislation.
  • Section 3 adds new definitions to previous codes.
  • Section 4 requires district court and the Supreme Court to expedite scheduling and issuance of any orders regarding the Secretary of State enforcement actions.
  • Section 5 requires certification by the Secretary of State for local election personnel.
  • Section 6 describes the curriculum for certification by the Secretary of State.
  • Section 7 precludes who may serve as an election official.
  • Section 8 prevents County Clerks or their personnel from handling voting equipment and devices without permission from the Secretary of State.
  • Section 9 dictates that counties with more than 1,000 active voters shall adopt an electronic or electromechanical voting system.
  • Section 10 prevents a local county clerk from making a back-up image of a hard drive without the express written permission of the Department of State.
  • Section 11 states that the Secretary of State may permit manual counting of ballots in the event of a software or hardware malfunction.
  • Section 12 prevents county clerks and their personnel access to the voting machines unless approved by the Secretary of State. Section 12 also gives the Secretary of State the power to promulgate rules regarding access to voting equipment.
  • Section 13 gives power to the Secretary of State to override a canvas board in the certification of abstract votes.
  • Section 14 states that anyone who fails to comply with the rules, orders or acceptable use policy for the statewide voter registration system commits a Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • Section 15 states that per rules determined and promulgated by the Secretary of State that anyone who accesses electronic or electromechanical equipment without the Secretary of State’s authorization is guilty of a Class 5 felony. Plus, anyone who publishes passwords relating to a voting system is guilty of a Class 5 felony.
  • Section 16 appropriates $500,000.00 from the general fund to implement the act.
  • Section 17 tacks on the safety clause so that “We the People” cannot challenge SB22-153. Section 17 is clearly voter suppression. Section 17 should be removed immediately so that voters have the opportunity for our voices to be heard at the ballot box regarding SB22-153.

The bottom line regarding SB22-153 is that it centralizes power within the Secretary of State’s office. SB22-153 seeks to prevent county clerks from doing their elected and lawful duties to maintain election records and conduct free, fair and honest elections.


In addition to Clerk Tina Peters, Pam Anderson is also a Republican candidate for Secretary of State. Pam Anderson is a former Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder and a past director of the Colorado County Clerks Association. She is supported and endorsed by a number of Republican operatives and pundits.

In her book Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized our Elections, respected journalist and Senior Editor at The Federalist Mollie Hemingway wrote a chapter titled “Zuckerberg Should Be in Jail.” In this chapter Hemingway explains that Mark Zuckerberg “didn’t just help Democrats by censoring their political opponents. He directly funded liberal groups running partisan get-out-the-vote operations. In fact, he helped those groups infiltrate election offices in key swing states by doling out large grants to crucial districts.” Hemingway goes on to say that $350,000,000.00 donated by Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan was funneled through the non-profit Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) which is a group led by three Democrats with a long history of activism. Not only did Zuckerberg influence the elections through these donations but he received a hefty tax write-off in doing so.

Curiously a fourth member of the now five-member Board of Directors of the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) is Republican candidate for Secretary of State Pam Anderson. It is extremely troubling that Anderson sits on the board of CTCL, the organization that spent millions of dollars to influence the outcome of the 2020 election. The CTCL website just recently noted that Anderson is on temporary leave, however Anderson was an active CTCL board member when the Zuckerberg dollars were distributed.

We must ask some difficult questions. Coloradans deserve to know whether Anderson, any of her family members or her businesses received any payment or contracts because of her position on the CTCL board. It is also important to ask how she could be on the CTCL board of directors and not know what was going on. She is either naïve or complicit to the goings on of CTCL. Either of these prevent her from being an effective Colorado Secretary of State.

I reached out to Pam Anderson for a statement regarding her affiliation with CTCL and have invited her as a guest on my radio show to address these questions. Pam’s public relations contact at 76 Group responded that Pam “believes that we need more training and education of election officials.” Additionally, she also responded, “what we really learned is that we have an election infrastructure problem that state legislatures should immediately address with sufficient public funding directly to local government.”

These responses are a circular narrative. More training and education of election officials does nothing to combat the $350,000,00.00 that Zuckerberg donated to CTCL, of which Pam Anderson is the secretary (recently on temporary leave) of the Board of Directors. Plus adding more “public funding directly to local government” when SB-153 centralizes elections with the Secretary of State makes no sense.


The three Mesa County Voting Systems reports reveal that there are things we must consider: (1) 29,000 logs of the voting machines were deleted or overwritten; (2) the voting machines were configured with 36 wireless devices and; (3) the unauthorized creation of election data bases followed by the digital reloading of ballot records into new election databases. No matter your party affiliation, this should be cause for extreme concern for each one of us.

We have a civic duty to dig deeper. We have a civic duty to ask why the Democrat legislature plus one lone Republican would attempt to pass legislation to centralize election power with the Secretary of State and thwart any county clerk from insuring that our elections are free, fair and honest. We have a civic duty to ask ourselves why Tina Peters, a woman who has everything worldly to lose, would take a stand to bring forward information about our election challenges.

In the spirit of true American patriotism and love of her fellow man, Tina Peters is courageously standing for free, fair and honest elections in Colorado. Like those young men storming the beaches at Normandy in 1944, Clerk Peters is submitting herself to great personal risk and attacks to battle the tyranny and oppression of Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold, the election bill SB22-153, and pundits and politicians on both sides of the aisle. I highly endorse Tina Peters as the next Colorado Secretary of State.



11 Responses

  1. Another talk show host Ross Kaminsky, is actively denigrating Tina Peters. He says she is crazy but doesn’t explain why. Thank you for the information.

  2. Thanks for this essay. I have been seeking more information on Tina Peters and have not found much until today. Most of what I have read or heard has been negative. It’s nice to read another opinion. I had always thought had to be another side of the issue but never heard one. Thanks for that ! I will reconsider my vote.
    Thanks for you voice and opinions on the radio – I enjoy you show – keep it up!

  3. Finally! Thank you for getting the truth out about Tina Peters. I am amazed how the media is painting Tina Peters as a criminal. All along I’ve questioned why ‘recording’ the data prior to the Dominion testing is a crime. I would expect this to be the main responsibility of a County Clerk and Recorder. As a resident of the front range since 1976 and a registered Republican since 1987, I’ve been suspicious of the state GOP for awhile now. I’ve watched this State literally degrade before my eyes to the point where I’ve considered where my next home state will be. It wasn’t until my daughter began her college years at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction that I realized the conservative, think-for-yourself and stand-for-what-you-believe minds are still alive and well! BUT, the only way to save this STATE is to take the trash out. This includes the good for nothing state GOP who is all talk, no action. The fact that they are not backing Tina Peters is a clear sign they need to get the hell out of OUR government!

  4. Born in Colorado, just recently moved back here from Arizona. Same stuff went on in AZ. Inquiries are stonewalled.

  5. It is vital to the state of Colorado that voters can depend upon an ethical, honest vote count in our state to get a handle on voter fraud. Stolen elections have consequences, as we now know from experience. I am so thankful for the action Tina Peters took as a responsible county clerk, and pray she wins the nomination for SoS and defeats Jena Griswold. Thank you Kim for your over the target reporting on this essential issue!

  6. Tina Peters ia a hero and should win the GOP nomination as the new SOS. However, the Democrats have proved that with the help of big tech they have institutionalized the election system (e.g. 2008, 2016, 2020 rigged elections). Man made equals man breakable. Unfortunately, the CO GOP leadership has become an accessory of the DNC and they are doing nothing to stop the problem. Let’s pray and hope that the machine running the rigged algorithms break from the massive amount of votes that Ms. Peters rallies on election night, Tuesday November 8. In the meantime, boycott Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. as they are part of the problem as such making you an accessory too. Promote and disseminate among friends, colleagues, community, etc. stations like KLZ and other real conservative news sources that tell the truth. God Bless and thank you for sharing the essay Kim.

  7. One day, in person voting, every 2 years, is the only way. Everything else with few exceptions is a way to scam the system, scam the people. If people cannot get behind in person one day voting, they should take their lazy unpatriotic selfish butts and leave the state.

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