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California's public policies are transforming its cities into third world countries. Is Colorado on the same path? Juan Marcano, a Democratic Socialist of America member, is likely to win the Ward IV chair on the Aurora City Council. How will his political beliefs impact Aurora and City Council policy?


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  • Jason McBride and Kim Monson have a conversation on the poor public policy of California and how it has negatively impacted its communities. If Colorado follows in California’s policy footsteps, where will it lead for our communities?
  • Juan Marcano, a Democratic Socialist of America, will likely win a seat on the Aurora City Council. What will this mean for Aurora?

California’s Policy Decisions Are Creating a Third-World Environment in its Communities. Is Colorado Going Down the Same Path?

Jason McBride

jason McBride Americhicks

Jason McBride

California has some of the most natural beauty and rich resources on the face of the planet. However, bad public policy is turning her cities into third world countries. Is Colorado on the road to the same outcome?
Can California and Colorado turn this around?

Jason McBride, Senior Vice-President with Presidential Wealth Management, joins Kim. They discuss the outcomes of good public policy vs bad public policy and how this affects your life.

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Democratic Socialist of America Juan Marcano Ahead by Hundreds of Votes in Aurora City Council Race.

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Juan Marcano is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America party. Marcano is a candidate for the Ward IV seat on Aurora’s City Council. Marcano has an over two hundred vote lead on incumbent Charles Richardson. A winner has not yet been declared, but the current tally is on Marcano’s favor. Listen to today’s show for more information and read all about it on Complete Colorado. 

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