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Helen Raleigh joins Kim Monson as today's guest. Helen and Kim have a discussion on the misinformation surrounding income inequality. Helen and Kim also discuss the Hong Kong riots.


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Helen Raleigh joins Kim as today’s special guest. They discuss:

  • Why Democrats are wrong about income inequality
  • The Continued Fight for Freedom in Hong Kong

Income Inequality: Would You Rather Live in Afghanistan or Colorado?

Helen Raleigh

helen raleigh americhicks

Helen Raleigh

Author and speaker Helen Raleigh is in studio with Kim. Helen was born and raised in communist China. She has firsthand knowledge of what Communism is and the damage it does. Helen and Kim discuss the Hong Kong riots and why the people are fighting back for their freedom.

No doubt you are familiar with the term “income inequality.”  Maybe you even believe that income inequality is a very real problem in America. But is it really the problem many of us believe it is?

Helen and Kim discuss income equality in America. Make sure you read Helen’s newest piece at the Federalist about why Democrats are wrong about income inequality. From Helen’s article:

“The Gini coefficient is a popular but imperfect tool for measuring income inequality. A country with perfect income equality would have a Gini coefficient of zero. Supposedly, the higher the Gini coefficient (up to one), the worse the country’s income inequality problem.

As of 2018, the United States had a Gini coefficient of 0.45. The following countries had more equal income distribution based on their Gini coefficient: Afghanistan (0.27), Albania (0.29), Cambodia (0.30), and Liberia (0.33). Does any American want to live in any of these countries? I doubt it. These countries are some of the poorest in the world.”

The fight for Freedom in Hong Kong

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Why the Popular Understanding of Income Inequality is Wrong.

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