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Former Gov. Hickenlooper’s use of 2003 federal funds used for legal defense, college piggy banks for newborns and adopted children in Colorado, potential forgiveness of debt for college graduates, tracking 2020 Colorado bills, the SECURE Act and minimum wage.


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  • Patti Kurgan and Susan Kochevar join Kim to discuss the issues of the day:
    • Governor Hickenlooper’s use of federal funds granted to the state for his legal defense against ethics charges
    • Forced minimum wage
    • college piggy banks for newborns and adopted children in Colorado
    • potential college debt forgiveness
    • tracking 2020 bills
    • Jason McBride continues his week-long examination of the recently-passed SECURE Act

Forced Minimum Wage: The Wrong Path for Colorado

Patti Kurgan

susan kochevar americhicks

Susan Kochevar

Patti Kurgan Kim Monson Show

Patti Kurgan

Susan Kochevar

Kim and Producer Steve discuss with guests Susan Kochevar and Patti Kurgan key issues of the day including former Gov. Hickenlooper’s use of federal funds granted to the state through the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 for his legal defense against ethics charges.  Starting January 1st of this year, every newborn and child adopted in Colorado will receive $100 to start saving for college.  Will college be as we know it today in 18 years?  A new bill set to be introduced will give forgiveness of debt to college graduates at an (estimated) initial cost of $14 million.

The piling up of taxes (sometimes draped as “fees”), rules and regulations can either eat into profits or be passed onto the consumer/client.  The state capitol must end their disastrous policies, including mandated minimum wage, lifting dollars out of the pockets of businesses.  If not, employees will be cut from employment rolls or, worst, closure of businesses will increase throughout the state.  Let employees and employers negotiate what is in the best interest of both parties relative to compensation packages.  The commissioner from Summit County is absolutely wrong when stating in reference to minimum wage, “In America, government has to lead.” Read the Summit Daily’s piece on the proposed minimum wage hike here.

One final note, if you want to track bills introduced this year on a day to day basis, the website is:  House and Senate tracking sheets are on the initial page.  Be sure to read the fiscal note.

Jason McBride continues his conversation on the SECURE Act.  Today’s insight concentrates on contributions to traditional IRAs. Jason has created a summary of the key provisions of the SECURE Act, which can be downloaded here.

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