I’m a Trumpster

Rapper Reggie Carr joins Kim to explain why he's a Trumpster. Guiliana Day on her experiences with Socialism in Peru and her work on the Due Date Too Late ballot initiative, which seeks to curb Colorado's lack of abortion restrictions. Sue Moore of the Republican Liberty Caucus discusses proposed bills that violate limited government.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
I'm a Trumpster
  • Short term rental property tax (Senate Bill 20-109)
  • Jason McBride discusses the strategy of buying low and selling high. It may sound easy but the execution is more difficult than believed.
  • Sue Moore of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado on freedom from government interference
  • Why Reggie Carr is a Trumpster
  • Giuliana Day on socialism vs capitalism and her work on the Due Date Too Late Ballot Initiative

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