Preparing For a Black Sky Hazard

John Spence and Mike Young of the EMP Task Force share tips for preparing for a Black Sky Hazard. Candidate Interview with Tonya Van Beber (Colorado Senate District 1). Bill of the Day is HB22-1295, Department Early Childhood And Universal Preschool Program.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Preparing For a Black Sky Hazard

The Electrical Infrastructure Security Council defines a black sky hazard as: “A catastrophic event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions, for long durations.” It’s an event that will shut down the power grid for an extended period and could be precipitated by cyberattacks, an electromagnetic pulse attack, or other events.

Major infrastructure components, such as hospitals and water treatment plants, would be prioritized for power restoration. But it could be weeks for sewers to resume operations. Climate control in homes would be inaccessible. So would personal banking. Gasoline would no longer be available at the pump. Everything from refrigerators to electric bike pumps would be out of service.

In today’s show, John Spence, Colorado State Director of the EMP Task Force, and EMP expert Mike Young discuss how to prepare for, and get through, a black sky hazard.

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Candidate Interview: Tanya Van Beber (Colorado Senate District 1)

Tonya Van Beber joins Kim to discuss why she is running for the Colorado Senate. Van Beber, a former Weld County Council-At large member, a current Statehouse Representative, and a third-generation Colorado native with a strong background as an entrepreneur and an educator. She’s running for office “to fight for northern Colorado and our precious farmland east of the Rockies, our values and our conservative principles.” Van Beber joins Kim and John Spence in the first hour to discuss her candidacy and position on protecting and upgrading Colorado’s power grid. Learn more about Van Beber’s campaign here. Go here to donate.

Bill of the Day HB22-1295, Department Early Childhood And Universal Preschool Program

There is no bill summary, as the bill is still under consideration. The bill is currently described as: “Concerning the department of early childhood, and, in connection therewith, establishing the duties of the department of early childhood and the executive director of the department, relocating early childhood programs from the departments of human services and education to the department of early childhood, and creating the Colorado universal preschool program.” The bill is sponsored by Democrats: Senators Janet Buckner and Stephen Fenberg and Representatives Emily Sirota and Alec Garnett.

Also on Today’s Broadcast of the Kim Monson Show (March 21, 2022):

Candidate Interview: Danielle Neuschwanger (Gubernatorial Candidate)

Danielle Neuschwanger returns to the show to talk with Kim during the second hour. Learn more about her campaign here. Go here to donate to her campaign.

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