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Stand for Colorado speakers Amy Oliver Cook, Beth Fisher, Giuliana Day, and Natalie Menten Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes speech hurt some liberal feelings in Hollywood and elsewhere—was is it a "right wing" attack? Jason McBride talks about the SECURE Act and the federal retirement changes that just went into effect.


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  • Stand for Colorado speakers Amy Oliver Cooke, Beth Fisher, Giuliana Day, Natalie Menten
  • A look at Ricky Gervais’s scathing Golden Globes speech and the defensive reaction of those on the left
  • A look at the significant new changes to federal retirement savings regulations

Stand for Colorado: Amy Oliver Cooke, Beth Fisher, Giuliana Day, Natalie Menten

Amy Oliver Cooke
Beth Fisher
Giuliana Day
Natalie Menten






Stand for Colorado rally is on January 8th at 11am on the West Steps of the Capitol.

Speaker Amy Oliver Cooke discusses the forceful, heavy hand of state government to regulate the gas and oil industry here in Colorado. Amy references a comment made by an energy executive to the Dallas Federal Reserve that Colorado has become “a no investment state” because of hostility towards the industry.

Beth Fisher is all about medical freedom. She talks about the right to medical autonomy and the freedom to make her own decisions relative to her body. As Kim notes, this is informed consent vs. force by unelected bureaucrats.

Giuliana Day states that preserving freedom in all forms is important, especially in education where Colorado is now trying to force curriculum disturbing to many parents. Giuliana encourages everyone to be involved, stand firm, and fight back to indoctrination that could result in a complete change of our culture.

Natalie Menten warns that the attack on The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) will continue during this legislative session. Beware of manipulation of words, such as the catchphrase, “without raising taxes,” in which she states if you hear this vote no!

Stand for Colorado is less than a day away! Go to the Stand for Colorado page for more information and details.

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ricky g

Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes speech has celebrity liberals and others on the left on the defensive.

The passage of the SECURE ACT has major implications for federal retirement savings regulations.

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Producer Steve and Kim discuss Ricky Gervais’ monologue as host of the Golden Globes Awards.  Why is the left characterizing his remarks as “right-wing?”  Producers of the movie No Safe Spaces said that the comedians are the ones that will bring the pendulum back and here is an example of it happening.

Jason McBride highlights a few points pertaining to the SECURE Act of 2020.  This is important for those who have or will have IRAs.  Changes became effective on January 1st of this year. Listeners can find additional information on the SECURE ACT here and Jason is also putting together a fact sheet that he will make available next week.

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