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Roger Bianco discusses the destruction of Leo Lech's home by Greenwood Village Police and the court decision on compensation. A look at the stark contrast between immigrant and Daniels' Fund scholar Aluel Doldol and Denver City Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca.


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  • Roger Bianco on the court’s ruling that Leo Lech was not due compensation after Greenwood Village police destroyed his home
  • A comparison between two Daniels’ Fund Scholars: Proud American Aluel Doldol and Denver City Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca

The Erosion of Personal Property Rights

Roger Bianco

roger bianco americhicks

Roger Bianco

What if a burglar hides in your home? And what if, in order to get the bad guy, law enforcement destroys your home to get him?

This scenario actually played out in Greenwood Village in 2015. The 10th Circuit Court in Denver ruled that Greenwood Village does not have to help the homeowner rebuild his house.

Is this fair? Is this right?

Kim and guest, author Roger Bianco, talk about what this means for your property rights. You can read Roger’s article on the subject here. 

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