Where The Heck Are “We the People?”

Rick Turnquist joins Kim to discuss his recent op-ed, "Where The Heck Are We the People?”  Colorado has spun out of control with the tyrannical government now in place.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Where The Heck Are “We the People?”

Kim reminds voters that their ballot can be traced from when it is mailed to them to acceptance by the County Clerk.  Track you ballot at the state website.  Pruett Helm, profiled in the book Mended Wings: The Vietnam War Experience Through the Eyes of Ten American Purple Heart Helicopter Pilots, is interviewed by Kim on America’s Veterans Stories this Sunday at 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Government policies are a contributing factor to the supply chain problems.  The Biden administration is considering payments of approximately $450,000 per person to settle lawsuits of illegal immigrants who state they suffered trauma due to Trump’s policies in 2016 where parents and children were allegedly separated upon illegally entering the U.S.  This is part of the Cloward and Piven model from two Columbia University professors in the 60’s.  Biden wants to crash our system through overburdensome entitlements so that he can “Build Back Better” instituting socialism and the World Economic Forum’s one government rule.  Kim’s “We the People” Voter’s Guide is an excellent tool to use when voting.  Vote YES on Amendment 78 and Proposition 120 and a definitive NO on Proposition 119: LEAP, the new state retail marijuana tax “for the children.”  “Conservatives” (Former GOP Governor Bill Owens, former GOP State Treasurer Mark Hillman, former GOP Senate President John Andrews, George Brauchler and Rick Enstrom) send out a text recommending a “yes” on Proposition 119 because it “is the largest expansion of school choice in the US in a decade.”  It is unfortunate that these “conservatives” must deceive the voters as the proposition, on the top of page 3, states that funds cannot be used for school tuition.  Additionally, the vendors offered are pre-selected by the board.  This is not school choice as parents and their children are limited in their ability to select services and professionals from a list provided to them by a government administrative agency. The families do not receive money to pay the pre-selected vendors.  The vendors are paid directly by the “Authority.”  The City of Lone Tree’s 2E ballot question is a NO vote as it is a massive retail sales increase of 55% (1.8% to 2.8%).

Frequent guest Rick Turnquist joins Kim to discuss his recent op-edWhere The Heck Are “We the People?”  Colorado has spun out of control with the tyrannical government now in place.  The Afghanistan withdrawal was a betrayal to our country and to our national interests.  Biden has no concern for U.S. citizens as he continually changes the number of Americans left behind.  Biden’s handlers move him further left than Bernie Sanders.  In fact, using the Coward-Piven strategy, Biden is moving us to communism.  Remarking on Biden’s payouts to illegal immigrants mentioned above, Rick states confidently that this is to get people to vote Democrat as no one forced these people to come into the U.S. illegally.  Not only is Biden and other leftists working to divide our country with mask mandates and Critical Race Theory in our schools, for examples, they want to punish people who are successful as seen in their proposed tax policies.  History shows us that socialism always fails in contrast to the success of capitalism and the flourishing of individuals.  Rick concludes, people must educate themselves on the ballot issues and candidates, using Kim’s voter’s guide as a resource, and then vote.

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